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​This stretch is great for the chronic computer user. Looking at a monitor for multiple hours a day causes the muscles of our arms and chest to become tight, causing our shoulders to pulled and rounded forward. Opening up the muscles of the chest and upper arm will take pressure off of our shoulders and upper back. Try 3 sets, holding for ten seconds on each arm. 

  1. Standing in line with any corner wall or door-jam, place one arm against the wall at 90 degrees to the shoulder.

  2. Step forward  gently with the same leg as the arm your are stretching.

  3. Next, turn your head slowly to the opposite side until you feel a deep stretch in the chest, shoulder, and arm. 


Business up top, pajamas on the bottom?

Here are the top 5 stretches that help take pressure off your spine

while you work from home!




Using a towel or a stretch strap to assist, grab with both hands behind the back. Pull up as far as you can and hold for 10 seconds.  Then, pull down and hold for 10 seconds. Switching whichever arm was on top, repeat. Feel those shoulders release!


*With towel assist


Sitting all day can cause lots of tension in our hip and lower back. The piriformis muscle is located deep in the glute and connects from the hip to the sacrum.  There are a few different ways you can target this muscle (sitting, laying down, or standing).  We're showing the laying down version with and without a towel assist. On your back, cross your left ankle above your right knee. Grab with both hands behind the right knee and bring your leg up to your chest.

Hold for 10-30 seconds on each leg, 3 times in a row on each side. 


What if there was an exercise that gently circulates blood throughout your whole body AND stimulates the small stabilizing muscles of your spine? Surprise! This is not a stretch, but it's too good not to add! 

Low level activities increase oxygen intake, which can boost brain function and productivity.  

Starting in a tabletop position, alternate raising your opposite arm and leg while contracting your core.

3 sets of 10 is just enough to loosen up, add sets depending on your activity level.  


Whether you're on the couch, on the beach, or getting ready to head back into the office, these stretches will help protect your spine from the forces of our daily 9-5's.

As always, if you are having any difficulty with any of these stretches, do not continue to try them. Please contact our office or seek advice from another medical professional. 

Contact us for further information!

Happy Stretching

Succulent Plant and Binder Clips


still working from home?

Here are the 5 BEST STRETCHES

to get you through your day

By Dr. Caitlin C. Brown

july 2020






This is an office favorite! Placing our spines into extension, these 3 different positions will open your chest and engage your mid-back muscles (which help keep your posture in check).  Doing a set of these on your lunch break and at the end of the work day can help counteract poor posture from extended computer use.

Stand against a wall with your feet about hip distance apart. Make sure your heels, tailbone, back of your shoulders, and the back of your head are touching the wall.  Slowly bring your arms up onto the wall like you were making a snow angel. 

  1.  First Position- Just get your arms up there! Wherever they naturally land, hold them there for 10 seconds, taking nice deep breaths.  Slowly transition into position # 2. 

  2. Second Position- Slowly slide your elbows up the wall until your upper body is the shape of a football field goal.  Again, holding for 10 seconds, breathing deeply. Slowly transition to position # 3. 

  3. Third Position- Slowly slide your elbows down to your sides.  Then, try to engage and squeeze the muscles in between your shoulder blades while getting your elbows as low and close to your sides as you can. Hold for 10 seconds, taking deep breaths. After holding for 10 seconds, slowly take your arms off the wall. 

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